The Ram ProMaster City Van for Your Business

The Ram ProMaster City, with its front wheel drive, is agile enough to move easily in LaFayette traffic and small enough for urban parking. Combine that with a good looking exterior, ultra-comfy interior, an impressive payload capacity, a 9-speed automatic transmission and a powerful 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine generating an impressive 178 horsepower and you can see why Jenkins Chrysler Dodge Jeep considers the ProMaster City the ideal union between convenience and power.

In addition to being nimble, the ProMaster City keeps you and your passengers safe with an airbag system offering protection from both front and side impacts, and an extra-large windshield providing superior visibility.

Your safety is further assured by a computerized system called Electronic Stability Control (ESC), that tracks vehicle body movement and takes instant action to help you maintain vehicle stability under a wide range of adverse conditions. The antilock brake system prevents the wheels from locking under emergency braking conditions and helps you avoid going into a skid.

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