Find Your Way in the Dodge Challenger

If technology is a top priority for you when you're looking for a new car, consider the Dodge Challenger. This sought-after muscle car is available with an advanced infotainment center. It can help you find your way to your destination and provide you with important information along the way.

When you get a Challenger at Jenkins Chrysler Dodge Jeep, you can upgrade the standard system to the UConnect 4C NAV system. It uses an 8.4-inch touch screen display. The screen is very responsive for easy use. The graphics are also vibrant and crisp for better visibility. The navigation system is very robust.

It doesn't just include turn-by-turn directions. It also shows a detailed map filled with 3D graphics. They help you find your bearings wherever you go. Optional subscription packages are also available. They can be used to show you real-time traffic information, weather, ratings of popular destinations near LaFayette, and so much more.

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