What Are Fuel Rails?

After fuel is pumped from your fuel tank, the fuel passes along a fuel line where fuel filters sift debris from the fuel. The cleaned fuel then enters the fuel pressure regulator. The fuel pressure regulator pressurizes the fuel before it enters the fuel rails and eventually jumps into each injector.

Fuel rails are sealed non-mechanical units that carry pressurized fuel from the fuel pressure regulator to the fuel injectors. If you have a V-8, V-6, or any other type of V engine, you have two separate fuel rails, one on either side of the engine delivering fuel to the alternating injectors. If you have a straight-8, or straight-6, or straight-4, then you have one fuel rail to carry fuel to each injector in line. Excess fuel travels back to the fuel tank.

Have the integrity of your fuel rails checked in our service center here at Jenkins Chrysler Dodge Jeep in LaFayette, GA.

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