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A Car Wash is an Essential Form of Maintenance

A car wash is a form of maintenance that is often overlooked as being an important aspect of regular upkeep of a vehicle. Although the essentials like an oil change or brake service that you may get done here at Jenkins Chrysler Dodge Jeep in LaFayette, GA, is a necessity, by regularly cleaning your car, it is also beneficial. By keeping your vehicle maintained and cleaned on a regular basis, you will be doing yourself a major favor by retaining its value...

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The Pure Insane, Awesomeness of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk



As one of America’s favorite (and most awarded) SUVs, it’s hard for us to imagine the Jeep Grand Cherokee getting any better. Checking every box from family-friendliness to off-road tough, it’s got all its bases covered. Or so we thought, until the Jeep brand rolled out the Trackhawk in New York last week. With 707 horsepower, it’s the most powerful SUV the automaker produces.

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When Should You Get Your Brakes Serviced?

Brakes are an important aspect of your car. Without properly working brakes you cannot drive safely and could get seriously injured. If you think your brakes are not working properly or are not sure if they are, you might want to get them properly checked.

Signs You Should Get Your Brakes Checked

There are many signs that you need to get your brake checks. One sign that your brakes need to be serviced is if you experience any weird signs when using your brakes. If you hear anything abnormal when using your brakes you need to go get them checked…
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Reasons Your Check Engine Light Is On

Cars today are designed to let us know when there is a problem. If your check engine light comes on that means that there is a problem that needs to be handled.

Reasons the Check Engine Light Is On

There are many reasons the check engine light can come on. One of the reasons the light might come on is that your oxygen sensor needs to be replaced. If you do not replace it you can burn more fuel than you need to, and it can cause damage to your spark plugs and catalytic converter.

Another reason the light comes…
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RAM Truck: Reliability

When purchasing a vehicle, few things matter more than the reliability of the vehicle. There are a lot of owners who regret their purchasing decision later on because they did not do their research on the front end. At our dealership, we want to help you in any way that we can during this process. The RAM is one of the best trucks on the road today. If you want a vehicle that is going to last, this is a great one to choose. A lot of people have issues when looking at a vehicle, especially when trying to decide…

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Ram Welcomes You 'Home Sweet Home'

How many carpenters drive the Ram 2500? Probably a lot.
Jim Roy explains why this is the perfect model for building homes.
You can choose between different engines for your Ram 2500 Truck: the Hemi gasoline or Cummins diesel.
The gasoline variety might be cheaper with more gasoline stations in your neighborhood. The diesel version can help you enjoy superior torque and towing capacity.
In the end, Jim Roy chose the 6.4-liter Hemi engine for his home improvement business.
When clients call Jim Roy, they might only have a blueprint and want someone to build their customized homes. Usually…
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Enjoy The Interior Of Your New Ram Heavy Duty

The Ram Heavy Duty was designed with an interior that will marvel you with every new angle. You will sink into seats that make you feel as though you slipped into a family sedan, and you will look forward to see a dashboard unlike any other.

The mission control style of the dashboard and console will allow you quite a lot of comfort, and you may press buttons on the steering wheel that control many components of the truck. The rear seats are equally luxurious, and you we recommend you sit in them yourself to feel the comfort your crew…
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PacifiKids Laud Safe, Comfortable Chrysler Pacifica Minivan

You have to appreciate the creativity of the PacifiKids in explaining all of the great features of the Chrysler Pacifica to Jack Osbourne.
It seems that Mr. Osbourne has kids of his own and he wants them to enjoy the family minivan.  This is not only a safe vehicle; it's also stylish and keeps the kids entertained.
The Pacifica has reinforced dual-phase, high-strength, lightweight steel installed in key locations to protect your precious cargo.  Its strong safety cage is optimized to provide superior impact protection.  You know that everyone is safe in your Pacifica.
The true beauty of the…
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